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If there is one thing we do to ourselves, especially as entrepreneurs and social media managers, is we often overbook our days and assume we will have time to finish all of those tasks we’ve collected on our to-do list. The problem is that we don’t have an unlimited number of hours to work, we have to prioritize and make time for projects, clients, our families, home, friends, family, and ourselves. How can you possibly pull that off? Let’s talk about time blocking!

One of the best gifts I’ve given myself is taking time each night when my kids go to bed to write out my schedule for the following day. I have been using the Start Today Priority Planner from Rachel Hollis but you can do it with any planner or notebook. I personally love the way this planner forces me to prioritize my big tasks for the week and then each day. I shared all about how I use that planner specifically here. So how do you get started and what is this magic? Let’s dive in…

What is Time Blocking?

Time blocking is really just that, it’s planning out your day minute-by-minute or hour-by-hour taking into account how long each task will take you and what time of the day you want to schedule it in. I have begun scheduling everything and I created a morning routine which is super simple but includes getting out of bed by a certain time, a glass of water, and writing time before the kids get up. I schedule all of those things and build on my day from there, minute by minute.

What Do I Do First?

I recommend doing an initial brain dump of your week if possible. For me I have appointments and client calls in my calendar, I have a simple schedule I’ve written out for doing schoolwork with my kids, and then I have tasks I know I need to do. I use my planner which has a spread that allows me to schedule from 5am to 10pm and I fill in the appointments and things happening at specific times first. My morning routine happens about the exact time each morning as well. But by creating a master list of the things you want to or need to do for the week you can begin to prioritize.

Why Time Block?

This might seem a little excessive at first to schedule your entire day but believe me, it makes a huge difference for a couple of reasons! First, when you time block your day there is not really ever any time during the day you’re left trying to figure out where to spend your time first. You already have it mapped out and you can just look at the schedule.

Most importantly for me, time-blocking forces me to see that I can’t possibly get all of the things on my list done in one day, there aren’t enough hours! It allows me to plan for quality time to spend on each task without feeling as rushed or like I should be doing something else. It also allows me to schedule time to take care of myself, be with my kids, take care of my home, and get to appointments.

Time Blocking Tools

I mentioned that I use my Priority Planner, but there are lots of ways to time block. You can use a simple notebook or bullet journal and write out your own spread however you like, I also loved my Parent Planner from Bluesky for time blocking. I did a story on Instagram sharing how I use that to time block that you can see here.

If you are a digital person you can use your Google calendar to time block or a number of apps. Zapier did a great post reviewing some apps that you can use to time block here.

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Kaitlyn Pierce

From the Berkshires in MA where she raises her two girls, 3 and 6, with her husband Tom. She is the Inventor & CEO of Binka Bear as well as the woman behind the Social Media Marketing agency, Pierce Social.