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Simple Monthly Social Media Report [ Template & Video Tutorials!]


When you use a regular monthly report you will:

  • ✔ Better see what kinds of content are performing best
  • ✔ Learn more about your audience and their needs
  • ✔ More easily set goals for traffic and sales
  • ✔ Spend more time being effective and less time wondering what to do next

What is the point of spending so much time on your social media if you have no idea if what you’re doing is making an impact or not?

With our Super Simple Social Media Monthly Report template you can easily print or fill this out each month to keep track a select few key metrics and outline what comes next. When you know if the time and energy you spend on your social media is translating to traffic and dollar signs you will be a much happier business owner knowing your time is being well spent!


This report is easy to PRINT and includes fields for Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest.

This bundle includes a 30 minute VIDEO walk-through of the report, exactly where to find the data you’re looking for, and some bonus strategy tips!


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