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You’ve got the skills, you know how to manage social media, but HOW do you turn it into a package you can offer to clients? Should you charge by the hour? How do you decide what tasks to cover for them and how do you price all of the work that goes into growing a social media presence for someone else?

I get these questions ALL the time. It’s not hard to figure it out once you sit down and think about it but there isn’t only one right way to do it. You need to first figure out what your goals are, both income and how much time you want to spend on work each day. Let’s walk through setting up your packages and how to price them!

What Services Will You Offer?

Maybe you’re thinking “I’ll offer social media management, what else would I offer?”. Well, how does that break down? There are so many elements to being a social media manager that your clients may not even know what they need help with. Let’s identify some of the TASKS involved in managing social media:

  • Strategy Creation & Implementation
  • Scheduling Content Provided By Clients
  • Writing Copy for Posts
  • Graphic or Image Creation
  • Social Media Inbox Management
  • Responding to Comments
  • Hashtag Research
  • Community or Group Management (you can itemize this too!)
  • Instagram Story Graphics
  • Engagement
  • Profile Optimization
  • Editorial Calendar Creation (including National Days & Promotions)

There are lots of other things we do as Social Media Managers, especially if you throw in paid ad management. Take a minute and create your own brain dump of the tasks you do regularly, everything that comes to mind. Save this list to use in a couple of steps when we create the packages.

What Are Your Goals?

Of course the goal is to book clients and make money, but I mean what are YOUR goals. How do you envision your days being spent? Do you enjoy the content creation? Maybe you love talking to the clients most and doing discovery calls or putting together the strategies. At first, you’ll likely be doing all of these things but if you can figure out how much time you want to spend each day, what your monthly income goals are (I talk about my original magic number in this post!) and what parts you enjoy doing the most then you can begin to build packages that will allow you to grow into this role and outsource other parts.client onboarding workbook

How Do I Create Packages?

Now that you know your goals and we’ve outlined the tasks involved in managing social media how do you turn it into packages? First let’s decide if we are going to offer a tiered system or start with full management only. I personally have a couple of package options for my clients to choose from. I like to think of it as if in a corporate setting, we would have an assistant/coordinator role, managers, and directors. All offering different levels of management. This has also helped my clients quickly understand the pricing difference before they even dive into what’s included.

This is the point we will be using the tasks you mapped out early. By listing out all of the tasks involved in management you can begin to build your packages and provide actual itemized packages instead of hourly services. It shows your clients what you will be doing and helps them better understand the value.

I also note on my services page that CUSTOM PACKAGES are available and encourage them to contact me to chat.

VA Social Media Services ($100-$200/mo)

This package is built around the idea that my client wants to manage their social media but really just needs help posting content and creating some captions for provided content calendars or graphics/content. This package is great for clients that want to be in control or have a smaller budget but need some help getting it all scheduled and posted. Consider reviewing some of the tasks they perform each week and deciding together which tasks you can take on. Typically these packages start around $100-$200/mo.

Social Media Manager ($300-$600/mo)

This role is the next step up. As a manager, my goal is always to take social media management off of my client’s plate, create a management process, and then delegate some tasks back to my client that only they can do. The goal is that they are not managing the day-to-day or delegating things to me, I will evaluate their business, have a monthly call to chat about upcoming launches or important things happening, review our monthly report and then make a plan. I use a tool called Trello to communicate with my clients and give them a place to share the things I’ve asked them to share weekly or monthly when they have time. This service is typically priced between $300-$600/mo per platform. If I am managing more than one social media platform I usually don’t just double what I am charging because there is a lot of overlap in the work I am doing and content I am creating, but managing more than one platform means more work and involvement. Definitely take it into consideration when creating your proposal & custom pricing or build tiers into your packages for specific platforms.

Social Media Director ($800+/mo)

A package at this level would include everything we talked about in the manager package but also take on some of the more in-depth things like social media ads or community and group management. Managing ads is a whole different ball-park that involves considering your time to set up and manage audiences, help install Facebook Pixels on their website, creating ad assets and copy, testing, adjusting, and possibly even helping with the sales funnel that most regularly running ads are connected to. Then you have to consider the actual ad budget your client will need to provide. If this is not an area you are super comfortable with, consider partnering with an Ads Manager and outsource this or refer it out.

Facebook groups have become a huge part of many businesses and require a lot of attention. This is an area you can take on as a director and make sure the group not only has the content and moderation it needs, but also that it’s being used strategically to help increase sales, email list growth, and that the community is healthy and growing. I would plan to be charging a minimum if $800/mo for a package including this level of management but this will likely be more if you decide to include social media ad management.

Now What?

Now that you have written out the actual tasks you want to take on for your clients you can fit them into packages and use these structures as a guide for pricing the packages you create. Your experience should also be a factor when you are pricing your packages and remember, you can evolve your packages as you learn more about the time it takes, what your clients need, or if you decide to niche down to a specific industry.

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Kaitlyn Pierce

From the Berkshires in MA where she raises her two girls, 3 and 6, with her husband Tom. She is the Inventor & CEO of Binka Bear as well as the woman behind the Social Media Marketing agency, Pierce Social.