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 By Kaitlyn Pierce

Trello for social media managers

Trello Templates & Video Training to systematize your Social Media Management Business with easy to use workflows and checklists!

Repeatable workflows & a process for your SMM Business

I will give you 4 of the templates I’ve created and used in my own social media management business to easily keep track of new leads & clients, things in my business, the tasks around each management and strategy client & the actual Trello board I use with every single client!

Get All of this for just $29!
  • Business Operations – Organize your expenses
  • Lead & Client Onboarding – A complete workflow to keep track of every lead and client
  • Client Board Template – Share this Trello board with each new client as an organized way to communicate & store information
  • Weekly SMM Management – Keep track of all of the tasks around each of your clients with checklists and this easy workflow

About Kaitlyn

Your Social Media Business Instructor

Highschool for me was torture. I had severe anxiety which was one of the reasons I dropped out and got my GED. Using all of the web design, photography, and growing social media skills I landed my first social media job while I was attending a local two year community college in 2010.

After having my daughters I realized I NEEDED MORE FREEDOM and that I could use all of my skills to help other small businesses with social media. I launched Pierce Social in July of 2016 and gave my notice at my 9 to 5 only 3 months later in October!

I’ve connected with entrepreneurs in all stages of their journey who have been so willing to offer me guidance in any way they can which has inspired me to bring this group together. I am so excited to meet you!